Sunday, October 25, 2009

A card kit

I have been writing back and forth to my sister in law (she is 13) since they moved farther away. I have been wanting to have a day where we work on cards, but it has been hard to get her over our way so I decided to put together a simple little card kit.
Here is a picture of the kit before sending it:
This last card is something I put together for my nephews 2nd birthday!
Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

The card kit is a great idea and I bet she'll love it! I love your boy birthday card. I'm always looking for masculine card ideas. Is that PTI paper??

Vanessa said...

Cool idea! Love your cards, they are gorgeous!


Just-us said...

WOW!!! apparently I haven't been on in a while.... becuase I hadn't seen any of these posts...
It is incredible Hollie, to see what you've done!! your cards are SO amazing! I really like the pumpkin one, and love the 2nd birthday one, and I also like the dress one... anyway- I am so glad you made the blog so we can see all of your finished products...