Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make It Monday #16: Sympathy

Hello All,

A lot of people in my surrounding community could really use a sympathy card, but more than a card, they could use a lot of other things much more, like shelter and food.  I live in Joplin, Mo and you have probably heard about the horrible tornado that past through here last Sunday.  Thankfully my family and I were away from home and also thankfully the tornado changed directions about 1 mile or so  before our house.  I feel very blessed to have a home to come HOME to when so many around me don't.  It is heartwarming to see all the surrounding communities come together and help ours.  I put together this card with all the people who have lost loved ones in mind. 

Thanks for stopping by,

If you are interested in donating to the REDCROSS, please follow the link!

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Jay Gee said...

So glad you, your family and home are all safe. My thoughts are with those that were not so lucky. Lovely card.