Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preschool sites and a Mother's Day Card

Sometimes I get a little a head of myself when it comes to school and Ethan.  I have so many activities I want to do with him that maybe I start a little to soon ( I have tons of stuff filling my closets from when I taught).  Anyway, today I was remembering a days of the week song I learned in one of my education classes.  It made me think of a neat way to have a visual for the song .  Anyway Ethan wasn't too interested, but I thought I would share. :)

1. Print out days of the week
2. Cover with a lamination sheet ( happened to have some from student teaching 5 years ago, man I never get rid of anything)
3. Cut out and attach magnets
4. Have fun! :) (Bought blue board a while ago, glad I found a good use)

This site has tons of preschool stuff including free lesson plan sheets!  It is a Christian based homeschooling site, so just what I was looking for.  I need to look around some more, but what I found was awesome.  Also this site has Christian preschool printables.

Purple is never really my color, but I though I would give it a try.  I really like how this turned out and also really love my new PTI stamps. (Delightful Doilies and Button Boutique)

Love this card!! It is just my style!!  I also love how using the button dies from PTI allows you to have the buttons and still have a flat card that can be mailed. :)

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Young Adventures... said...

You make the prettiest cards Hollie!

Jay Gee said...

Both of these cards are lovely Hollie.

Just-us said...

ooohhhh i LOVE the purple one!!! :)
and what good school ideas!! i was just thinking how i need to do something visual for justice for days, etc.... we talk about it, - but wasn't sure what to do. great ideas!! :)