Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome Home....

Well HELLO and thanks for stopping by!  Today I have a simple card I made for a good friend from high school that just got married.  I was thinking back to three years ago when I got married and how exciting it was to get mail with my new name on it! I decided that since Anna loves to get mail, I would just send her a simple little card. 
I love the new Wreath for all Seasons set from Papertrey Ink! I originally bought it to use for Christmas cards, but soon realized that it can be used for a ton more than that.

I also must share a super easy potato soup recipe that I tried out today for lunch! This was so simple and yummy! I just added a little scoop of sour cream to my bowl and it was to die for! 
I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and man oh man am I hungry all the time. The bad thing is that when I crave something, I just go whip it up and if I don't have the ingredients I run out and get them.  Last week it was chocolate pudding pie (had to home make the crust but it was way worth it).  Although I keep telling myself I need to slow down, but that doesn't seem to work. :)  My husband has already requested Pumpkin Pie, which I have no problem with!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Lulu said...

Mmmm... Chocolate pudding pie! I am sadly ALL about the sweets right now, and I'm paying for it. urgh. I'm telling myself how often I'll go for walks once the baby comes, but I'm probably kidding myself there. I'm doomed to have two chins! ;)

Love your card btw! I can't justify PTI stamps with their high shipping costs here... Maybe one day... :)