Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Stamp Shop "Too Hip"

Hello all, 

I am just popping in to share some cards I made recently with the "Too Hip" stamp set from the Sweet Stamp Shop.  I think after getting this set it spent about 2 weeks sitting on my desk and I pretty much used it every time I crafted!  Love it! 

Hobbiesbyhollie: "Too Hip" glasses
I seriously love these glasses!  
Going for a boy, girl look here.  For the girl glasses I stamped the top half, then I stamped the bottom again in black. I used a small post it to cover the stamp. 

HOBBIESBYHOLLIE: Too Hip Happy Birthday

So, a little secret about me is that pretty much every card has a little mistake that I have to fix. Some how it makes it look way better anyway.  So it works out for the better right? :) That's kind of what happened on this card.  I was messing about with an edger ink thingy and it kind of went everywhere, so I chopped the card in half and then angled it on another card base.  I try so hard to be careful, but I'm a little klutzy. Anyway, I really like how it turned out! 

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