Monday, June 1, 2009

The Beginning

After a short teaching career I became a stay at home mom! I was anxious right away to find a hobby, not that being a mom didn't keep me busy. Now I have so much I want to do I can't find enough time. I was invited to try card making by a friend, but I didn't think it was for me. Months later I decided I would make some cards for my son's first birthday party! That is when my love for cards began!

Gardening, my second hobby began this spring when my husband and I decided to add some curb appeal to our house. I started with just little things and now I can't wait for next year to try some new ideas!

Today I decided to start this blog to archive my cards and my growing garden! I plan on adding my new favorite sites, blogs and also sites I go for gardening and card help. I always need a little help because there is so much to know!


In my front flower garden I have planted some white alyssum, lobelia, lamb's ear, and some pansies, and viola's. On the back row I have some boxwood and a rose bush. The lamb's ear would have to be my favorite find of the year! It grows fast and is so soft. This was taken about a week ago so it is a little different now.

I have planted some hydrangeas on the east side of our house. Hydrangeas are by far one of my favorite flowers. Before planting them I did a lot of research. The following site was one of the best I found!


This is one of my favorite cards so far, possibly because it is full of color! I love cards that are bright and I also love baby cards! This card is currently for sale on .

The above card I made while experimenting with sewing on paper! It wasn't as hard as I thought but I still need some work.

This scrapbook page was made for one of my close friends that is having a baby soon! I experimented with cutting out stamped shapes in this one!
I love blog hopping so today I am sharing a find, the following website has a lot of cool ideas!
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Sarah said...

Great new blog, Hollie! I can't wait to see all your creations and to check out your gardening, too. :)

Courtney G. said...

Hey holl, I love your site! :) Hope we can share each others creation and talk more about
"stamp" rentals... If you have over 100 stamps,,,I am sure I have 1000 stamps!!! hehehe..oh and magazines...gotta love the magazines... ;)

I love the gardening thing as well...I was thinking of doing something with mine...maybe I should send you pictures and have you come up with some ideas... ;)